According to the Rocket League website

  • According to the Rocket League website, this beta analysis will run from February 21st to Rocket League Crates February 23rd on Steam. The purpose of this beta is to analysis the functionality and UI of the clash experience. To accompany it, artlessly right-click on Rocket League aural your Steam client, accept "Properties," bang "Betas," and afresh accept "Tournaments Beta." This should download an amend that will actuate the clash admission if it becomes available.


    How will tournaments work? That's a air-conditioned catechism that hasn't been absolutely answered at this time. However, the bivouac for the admission hints at some affectionate of bracket arrangement that will acquiesce you to adapt online tournaments of bearding sizes. Presumably, that clash arrangement will acquiesce you to adapt aggregation and abandoned battles, but the abounding data haven't been revealed.


    What's aswell not bright at this time is if the absolute clash admission amend will be acutely arise and whether or not Psyonix will be testing this activity on consoles. We accept that this will not be a PC-only affection and that the beta analysis is artlessly easier to run on that platform. However, we'll accept to delay for an official annual on how that will work.

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