This is the story of the Eagle coach Doug Peterson

  • The new season, the Hawks since the sixth week the chiefs lose, the record has been in the league outshine others, whether it is offensive or defensive every data are impeccable, even if MVP season veteran Winters season reimbursement, but also Did not stop the Hawks move forward, as the number one seed into the playoffs. Playoffs Hawks looked low all the way in the case, the players are self-deprecating himself is the next dog, Peterson continue to inspire the player's inner passion, relying on the team's ambitious achievements, two factions and the Vikings, Defense team a total of 17 points. Offensive old disciple Nick - Falls fire full, in the face of the Vikings known as the "Purple Ogre" defensive team, playing career and even the best campaign this season, the Hawks, no one dared to look directly at its edge. Peterson and his eagles are the only thing left now, it is but regret 13 years ago, win over the Patriots to  Madden Coins win the Super Bowl.


    This is the story of the Eagle coach Doug Peterson. Like Biliccheck's famous quote, his slogan is "Be yourself," and you should do a good job of doing this. After the end of the League, he just gave a faint note Speaking of "It's very ordinary, nothing special, I just do my job." Peterson then defeated the Patriots behind Brett - Farfard to get the Super Bowl, 21 years later, Peterson inherited the mentor mantle, fight again patriotic By!