When I look back at this game

  • When I look back at this game, what I saw was not the cautious patriot attacking group in the 2001 season. Instead, I was a killer organization that swayed and attacked smartly under the leadership of Brady. This Super Bowl, or even 2003 season, was one season in which Brady gradually gained the core of the team, and under his leadership the Patriots began to have more confidence in the offensive and began to Madden Coins be willing to try various routes simultaneously Open the opponent's defense in both horizontal and vertical directions, making the attack more flexible. This season, it is Brady from an alliance newcomer has become an important process after the battlefield veteran.


    The New England Patriots will win the sixth Super Bowl trophy in team history and Tom Brady will also win the fifth MVP of Super Bowl. This is the result of the 52nd Super Bowl predicted by the well-known game company EA Sport with their hit game Madden NFL 18 and eventually the New England Patriots Patriots will beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-20.


    This prediction basically announced the Patriots can steadily win the sixth championship in team history, do not believe it, since 2004, EA began using their own game Madden NFL to simulate the game to predict the Super Bowl began a total of 14 times Prediction Madden NFL Football Predict the 10 Super Bowls, the most horrible thing is that as the Madden football game more and more excellent game parameters and performance, Madden football can not only predict the match scores, but also can guess the game process.