O'Brien came to Texas in 2014

  • O'Brien came to Texas in 2014. His record in Texas was 31-32 and he made two playoff appearances. That is to say, with the help of O'Brien, the Texans entered two playoffs in four seasons, and in the absence of O'Brien, Smith's team only entered two postseason seasons in eight seasons Race. O'Brien's contract expires in 2018.


    The work of these two individuals can neither be superb excellence nor a mess, which complicates the situation. Texans, of course, can ignore the failure this season, after all, the factors that hurt them too much - they have lost watts, Mosheruosi and Watson, but it looks like the relationship between the two has come to NFL Coins tense.


    O'Brien is undoubtedly able to find new jobs after the contract is terminated, and the upcoming offseason has numerous opportunities waiting for him. O'Brien is never a perfect coach, but being able to lead two playoffs in four seasons is definitely something many teams want.