Hall and his devil endured tremendous pressure during the regul

  • Hall and his devil endured tremendous pressure during the regular season and scored points on strong opponents, clinging to the post-season playoffs of the Florida Jaguars who clung to  NHL Coins the game and the final 18 games. Hall scored 12 goals and 13 assists, becoming the number one hero in the playoffs. His 93 points also set a new career high. As Hallard has never played a playoff game since joining the league in the 10-11 season, eight years of hard waiting, Hall is about to usher in the first playoff game of his career. The season he and his devil team has brought us a lot of surprises, this time facing the first Tampa Bay lightning surprise in the east will still have it.


    Also as the champion, McGonagall is much more fortunate than Hall. In the first season of his career, he followed the avalanche and entered the playoffs. In the first two games, McGinnon scored 1 goal and 6 assists. 7 points shocked the entire league, and also made him the player who scored 7 points in the first two games of the history of the third playoffs. That year they ended in 7 rounds with the wild and eventually fell out, but the Avalanche fans did not feel lost because of the team's exit, because they believed that after the McKinnon team, the team would soon be back. However, this was five years. The avalanche team returned to the playoffs. Unlike five years ago, McKinnell was the absolute leader of the team and ushered in the first outbreak of his career. He was more than five years ago. Concentrate on seriousness. When standing in the playoffs again, will he think of himself five years ago?