Gallopolo made his first seven games in a career victory

  • Montana pointed to Brady's previous substitute never succeeded, just like Matt Kassel. At the time, Kassel studied hard for four years behind Brady, and played slightly during Brady's replacement. In the only playing field. The time was bright, but afterwards, Kassel went to NFL Coins the Kansas City Chiefs and then gradually declined, and has now become a stray quarterback.

    Montana also pointed out that the time for Gallopol's appearance was also crucial. At that time, 49 people had 1 win and 10 losses. They couldn't see any hope. The management made Gallopolo debut with a jar-breaking attitude. The season is an incomplete season, he played in only a few games and it was quite dazzling. At that time no one thought he could win, nor did he expect him to win. The fans of the 49ers brought a glimmer of light in the dark.I hope the fans of 49 people will continue to support him.He is a child who can expect.He deserves a big price from the management.I know the fans are very excited but please Don't lose your senses. If you blow him too much, you might be letting him go. What he needs now is quiet. We just need to look forward to his amazing performance.”

    Gallopolo made his first seven games in a career victory. Fans hope he can maintain the momentum of last season to lead San Francisco. It is foreseeable that Gallopolo will be the helm of 49 people in the future and he has the opportunity to dispel all doubts.